We provide a platform for Africa's nations, businesses and organisations to present their products and services to national, continental and global markets.

Africa has always been a continent with huge potential and humongous volumes of natural and human resources. A protracted history of political turbulence and resource mismanagement left the continent largely underdeveloped and its institutions small and fragile. Recent years have however brought spotlights of hope and new opportunities across the continent, as Africa begins to awake.

africalink is built to provide you the information you need on Africa; and primarily to reflect the work of the organisations and institutions that advance enterprise and development on the continent. We believe Africa is the next big story, it is the next frontier for high value human and material resources, it is the next frontier for the next set of big global enterprises and partnerships.

We see increasing growth in institutional capacity, enterprise, and innovation over and again, and we believe that despite its history, the African continent is now more ready for global partnerships and trade.

From cities to the most remote parts of the continent, the commitment to higher value products and services, access to capital, and to international markets is the new paradigm for the enterprising populations.

On this site you can connect with both small and large organisations and businesses; find partners and collaborators, engage suppliers and customers, share information, and engage the media. Everything is designed to provide timely and relevant information businesses and organisations with interests on the continent.

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