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KenolKobil Limited is a pan African downstream oil company. The group's operations span 9 countries across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa and encompass the supply, storage, distribution and retail of a wide range of petroleum products.

The KenolKobil Group is Africa’s fastest growing indigenous oil marketing conglomerate with an expansive investment portfolio spanning the entire Eastern, Central and Southern parts of the African continent. The Group consists of subsidiaries in eight African countries outside Kenya (Head Office) including; Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Mozambique and Congo DR.

As a growing pan African oil marketing company, we have perfected our business in the downstream sourcing and marketing of petroleum. We trade in both crude and refined petroleum products which include motor fuels, industrial oils, LPG, aviation fuels, lubricants and various other specialist oils. We are a top importer and have been expanding our range products.

KenolKobil Limited has grown tremendously to become one of Africa’s leading corporate brands. Our unique business model has seen the Company rapidly expand into new markets to its current status as a cited African business success story.

We owe our success over the years to the support of the African people who continue to support the Company enabling us to grow our business tremendously. We are a Company renown for our innovative ways particularly in coming up with ways to meet the various needs of our customers. We are the only oil marketing company in East, Central and Southern Africa regions with an African Trading Desk. The Trading Desk is involved in large scale procurement and selling of Petroleum products including Crude Oil, Petroleum Solvents, White Oils, LPG and Lubricants to Government bodies, large industrial establishments and refineries in Africa and other far off markets.

As the KenolKobil Group expands into new territories, our guiding principle is the resolve is to be the best in any of the markets we set foot through provision of reliable and high quality products and services. In this respect, we have put in place a robust quality assurance system which is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, we subscribe to the strict corporate governance regime which has won great admiration and for which the Company has been feted by various state and international regulatory agencies.

As a proud indigenous African multinational Oil Company, the KenolKobil Group owes its success to the African people whose interests the Company continues to advance.


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