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Are you in need of building facilities maintenance technicians? THE AMAZING MULTI SKILLS FACILITIES MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS is the answer.  For

  • Installation, Repairs and routine maintenance of cold water system in the buildings to ensure that water is running continuously in all premises.
  • Installations, repairs and routine maintenance of sanitary appliances.
  • Installation, repair and routine maintenance of above ground and below ground drainage system to ensure that there are no blocked drains and systems are thorough and any defects are promptly attended to.
  • Storm water managements.
  • Routine maintenance and repair of furniture eg door locks, window locks, drawer locks, tables, Chairs and many more.
  • All electrical works.
  • Managing the building in order to meets the better health and safety requirements.
  • Managing the work of contractors and checking that it is done to the highest standards. 
  • Carrying out regular site audits and inspections to identify any areas that need repair.
  • Advice, house plan and any help

Please contact us on +256784011234, +256779510151,

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