It is the baker's yeast which intracellular water was drawn for a rest of approx. 9% by drying at low temperatures : According to Egyptian standard method No.191 / 2005 Properties : Smooth surface, compact and elastic consistency Physical Properties : very good Dispersion capacity in water : white coffee Color : Flavorless or lightly sour, without presence of rancid flavor Flavor :

Characteristics, lightly alcoholic, however with absence of unpleasant or strange odor Odour : 25 % min Dry matter Chemical Properties : 40% min. Protein in dry matter : 8% max. Ash in dry matter : 450 ml CO 2 min. in the first hour by using 10 gm yeast Fermentation Activity : 10 days from production date if it is stored and transported at c 3-5 o C Shelf life : (2600 & 425) gm. Packing