Tasty and trusted, Milo brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. It offers essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and minds. Launched in Australia in the early 1930s, the Milo brand takes kids' development seriously. It has long been known as an energy beverage strongly associated with sports and good health.

Essential vitamins and minerals in Milo products include:
    Calcium for strong teeth and bones
    iron to carry oxygen to the body’s cells
    vitamin A for healthy eyesight
    vitamins B1 and B2 to help release energy from foods
    vitamin C to keep skin and gums in good shape.

In helping to nurture strong kids, Milo brand supports nutrition and sports programs in many countries. In Australia, we sponsor the Milo in2CRICKET program. Founded in 1996, the program is recognized as Australian cricket's premier junior development program. It provides children aged 5 to 10 years with the opportunity to learn cricket skills, make new friends, develop team skills and have fun.