Our lubricants are sought after in the entire African continent

KenolKobil Limited markets the popular Kenol, Kobil and Castrol lubricant brands in the African market. In Kenya alone, which is our biggest market in this sector, we market all three brands. However, in the East African subsidiaries, we market Kobil and Castrol brands while we only market the Kobil brand in the rest of our subsidiaries and export markets.


We blend and provide lubricants grades that cover the entire spectrum of lubricants required in the African market including automotive, industrial, construction, specialties and greases, etc.


In the commercial market sector, we provide specialised lubricants for the road construction industry, cement industry and the agricultural industry. In addition, we have lubricants for specialized applications such as in mining, rubber manufacturing, textile and power industry (both transformer and machinery). Through the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, we supply marine lubricants to both commercial and military vessels calling in the two ports.


Our customer network spreads over the East, Central and Southern Africa. This includes over 400 KenolKobil Service Stations located in ten countries where we have subsidiaries and downstream operations and other export markets such as South Sudan, Malawi, Somalia and others.


Depending on customer needs, our lubricants are available in various packages ranging from bulk (quantity varies with need), 1,000 litre plastic drums, steel barrels in 210 litre or (208 litre) and in and 20 litre plastic packs. We have grease packed in 180 Kg, 50 Kg,  17 Kg steel containers We also package our lubricants in 5 litre, 4 litre, 1 litre ½ litre and ¼ litre packs, all packed in cartons.


Our lubricants are among the most sought after in Africa and in our export markets and the demand has been growing over the years. We received the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) Certification by Massey Ferguson for our Kobil Farm MF and Kenol Farm MF products. The certification for these lube grades applies in the entire African continent.


To attend to the growing demand, we have set up lubricant blending facilities in Mombasa Kenya and Ndola. The Mombasa Plant serves the East Africa Communities (EAC) member countries as well as Eastern Congo DR, South Sudan and Somalia. The Zambia Blending Plant in Ndola serves Central Africa countries of Zambia itself, Lubumbashi in the Katanga Region of Southern Congo DR.


To keep up with the high expectations of quality, we are constantly researching and innovating new high quality lubricants and greases to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we competitively price our lubricants to ensure that our customers derive value for their money.


We have lubricant specialists within the KenolKobil Group who are always on hand to guide and advise our customers on the best products within our range for their various uses. In cases where needed lubricants are not within our existing products range, we make arrangements for specialized blending within Kenya or even importation.


Our focus is to expand our lubricants business by growing our commercial customer base in the mining sector. Further, we are working on new lubricant blends including synthetics to ensure that our customers are getting quality products at competitive prices.