Readymix Concrete & Fly Ash

 Pronto Readymix

PPC acquired a 100% shareholding of Pronto Holdings (Pty) Ltd in September 2014. Pronto Holdings is 
a well-established supplier of quality Readymix and Mortars with plants situated in the greater 
Gauteng area. They are one of the oldest name brands in Gauteng, with a fleet of 100 Readymix and 
tipper trucks and tankers. The acquisition that was concluded in the last quarter of 2014, shows PPC 
holding 100% of the shares, following on the initial acquisition of a 25% stake in 2012, and a further
25% in June 2013.

Pronto Readymix supplies quality Readymix and Mortars to construction sites throughout Gauteng.

Readymix has a number of advantages over site-batched concrete, among them being:

  • Lower overall cost as plant, labour and technical expertise requirements are reduced.
  • The need for site storage of concrete materials is eliminated thus freeing valuable space, 
    on cramped sites.
  • Wastage of material is eliminated.
  • High delivery rates can be achieved and several locations can be supplied simultaneously.
  • Quality is assured by the readymix supplier.