Anytime brand was launched in 1990 and was initially only available in the pre-pack format. The brand has grown & it is now available in both boxes and pre-packs. The range now boasts 20 product lines with 16 offerings in pre-packs and 4 offerings in boxes. The brand is all about creating vibrant and colourful moments which is in line with the colour and architecture of the packaging. The prepacks offer an on the go mindless munching format that’s over before you even know it.

The boxes offer an assortment of nuts that make an ideal gifting package for your loved ones. This format also further lends itself to gifting because of its packaging format and elegant design. Anytime is the only brand that offers consumers an everyday snack via the pre-packs and a gifting format for those special occasions or personal indulgence.

Once you start eating any of the exciting Anytime products, you won’t be able to put it down.