King Korn

Home-brewed beers are a part of South Africa’s heritage, as an important part of our weddings and funerals. King Korn is a traditional sorghum homebrew brand, and the number-one selling home-brew malt in South Africa.
King Korn is a part of your lifestyle because it has a strong heritage that stands for tradition and Ubuntu. Our natural ingredients and consistent results have given us a reputation for reliability for producing a good quality brew. You know you can rely on us for the best result when your home brew matters the most.

Because we’re already experts in processing sorghum, we now also produce a nutritious Mabele porridge that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It can take whatever form your family wants – either a soft porridge for breakfast or a stiff pap for dinner. Whatever your taste, you can choose between King Korn Mabele Coarse Meal, King Korn Mabele Fine Meal or, the latest addition to the brand family, King Korn Mabele Super Fine Meal for the more modern consumer.