The Oros brand was founded in 1989 by Charles Brookes, and family fun time changed forever. Although the idea of Oros immediately conjures up the distinctive orange taste, the first flavor in the range was actually Lemos. But South Africa spoke, their preference for orange was heard, and “the original orange squash” was developed. 

We know that your family trusts the Oros Man to deliver a refreshing orange drink, and brings back happy memories of your own childhood. 

Oros comes in convenient formats, is widely distributed and has quality ingredients and record. We’re proud that you see our drink as a better alternative and true South African icon. 

Moms, we know that you want to make sure that whatever your kids consume is healthy and good for them, but enjoyable at the same time. New Oros Lite squash offers you less sugar and great tasting refreshment from your trusted brand, but with lower kilojoules. Oros Lite is available in yummy flavours of Orange, Naartjie and Cocopine.

Oros Original
Did you know that nothing rhymes with Orange? Original Orange is the 100% epic flavour that started it all.

Moms and dads and even their moms and dads and maybe even their’s (you get the picture) will remember the Original Oros Orange Squash that they grew up with. Many tried to imitate but Original Oros’ orangey taste is unique and can’t be beat!

Oros Flavours
Now here’s something that rhymes! Flavour and the whole variety of fruity Oros variations to savour! Fruit Cocktail, Mango, Naartjie, Passion Fruit, Guava, Cocopine and Lemos. Yum!

Oros Lite
Lite on sugar, full of Oros fruity flavour !
Moms want to make sure that their kids consume what is healthy and good for them and that it is something their kids love and enjoy at the same time. Oros Lite offers less sugar than other squashes

  • 100ml of Oros Orange Lite contains 36% less sugar than 100ml of Oros Original Orange Squash
  • 100ml of Oros Cocopine Lite contains 34% less sugar than 100ml of Oros Cocopine flavoured Squash
  • 100ml of Oros Naartjie Lite contains 48% less sugar than 100ml of Oros Naartjie Squash