There’s nothing more refreshing for your palate than a blast of sour-sweet lime, but lime juice wasn’t always a leisure drink. In 1867, the Merchant Shipping Act made it compulsory for all ocean-going ships to carry lime juice for sailors to drink to prevent scurvy. The Rose family set up a business to provide ships with the juice they needed. 

They soon realised that pure lime juice wasn’t a particularly popular drink, and introduced a sweetened version instead. This was the first branded fruit juice drink – Rose’s Cordial Mixer. The sailors of old felt the same way you do about this thirst-quenching and invigorating drink – its popularity grew until today, it is sold in more than 130 countries as a frequent companion to mixed drinks in bars and in your own home. 

Rose’s South Africa has a signature range of four flavours which include Lime, Passion Fruit, Kola Tonic and Grenadine. Recently, the range has extended to bring you four refreshing ready to drink flavours of Lime & Lemonade, Lime & Soda, Passion fruit & Lemonade and Passion fruit & Soda.