Bio Classic

Bio Classic consists of an entire laundry-care system, designed to help you with the three laundry steps: Stain Removers, Washing Powders and Fabric Conditioners.

BIO CLASSIC SPOT OUT is a range of stain removers that is soft on clothes but strong on stains, designed to work quickly and effectively.

BIO CLASSIC automatic washing powder is triple concentrated so that you only have to use a small amount to do a load of laundry. With Triple Concentrate, you get more washes for less!

BIO CLASSIC offers three aromatherapy-inspired Fabric Conditioner variants: Almond Mild, Bamboo & Lime, and Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang to delight your senses. Our Fabric Conditioners give your laundry a special softness and a wonderful, fresh, long-lasting fragrance to make your clothes look and feel great.

The BIO CLASSIC products are great on their own, but used together, they give your whole laundry a super-clean, fresh and aromatic enhanced result.