Cement Products - SureBuild

SUREBUILD is a premium quality cement which is available nationally and in Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is made from high quality raw materials; clinker being inter-ground with gypsum and blended or inter-ground with an appropriate amount of extender.

Physical Properties
Typical 42,5N results for PPC Group
SANS 50197-1 requirements
Setting times:
Initial: minutes
Final: hours


60 minimum
No requirement

Specific Area (Blaine):m2/kg ±400 No requirement
Compressive strength (mortar prism EN 196-1):
At 2 days (MPa)
At 28 days (MPa)

20 >48

>42,5 <62,5
Soundness: Le Chatelier Expansion (mm) 1 10 maximum
Relative density
Bulk density, aerated, kg/m3
Bulk density, as packed, kg/m3

Approximate Volume: 50kg bag, litres ±33

Cement bags are not weatherproof and should be stored indoors, tightly packed together under cover, off the ground to a maximum height of 12 bags.Bags – 50kg Polypropylene bags 

(for transportation by road or rail):

  • Unitised 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Unitised on a pallet 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Unitised on a pallet and covered with plastic hood. 40 bags (2 tons) per unit.

(Please note the hood is shower-proof NOT waterproof) 
(for transportation by the sea):

  • Sling bags 40 x 50kg bags in 2-ton sling bag
  • Containers: 50kg bags packed loose or in sling bags or on a pallet in standard shipping containers

(for transportation by road or rail):

  • Bulk cement in road or rail tankers is not recommended as the high transportation cost does not make this viable

(for transportation by the sea):

  • Bulk cement in 1,5 ton bulk bags as break-bulk or packed in shipping containers