Chemicals (Solvents, Ammonia, Waxes)

Acetone of 99.90 % mass purity

Butyl diglycol ether acetate of 97% (m/m) purity.


Ammonia: A by-product from the destructive distillation of coa lin the manufacture of coke and coal-gas. Ammonia is formed in the coal gasification stage of the oil from the coal process. Haber-Bosch process where nitrogen and hydrogen are combined under high pressures and temperatures in the presence of a catalyst.

Sasol Wax is a leading producer and marketer of a comprehensive range of mineral oil-based and synthetic paraffin waxes, petroleum jellies and liquid paraffins.

Products are supplied to more than 200 countries for a wide variety of applications. These include adhesives, bitumen modification, construction board, cosmetics, industrial applications, packaging, pharmaceuticals, polymer processing and rubber and tyres. Candles also form a major market for our waxes, while some of our co-products are used in applications as diverse as drilling muds.