Ammonium Sulphate (AMS21) Granular

AMS contains 21% ammonium nitrogen and 24% sulphur.  AMS is used as a fertiliser, a raw material in industrial processes and a feed additive. The product is totally water soluble, does for practical purposes not leach and has an acidifying effect on soils. AMS is used in large quantities for broadcast applications under alkaline conditions. AMS is used specially as a source of sulphur in the production of our sulphur containing granular blends.

Limestone Ammonium Nitrate (LAN 28)

LAN contains 28% nitrogen of which 50% as ammonium  and 50% as nitrate. Both forms are readily available for plant uptake. The 50/50, nitrate-N/ammonium-N ratio is close to the preferred ratio for most crops. Dolomitic lime is also added to the ammonium nitrate to stabilise it and to conform to South African explosion regulations. In addition, the lime reduces the acidifying effect on the soil and also adds small quantities of calcium and magnesium. The product is chemically manufactured and not water soluble