Letseng Star

Our team of experts have accomplished, after over a year of precision work, one of the most challenging task of revealing 12 matching pairs of pear shaped diamonds as well as a master stone, a pear shape as well, to form a unique collection of over 165 carat of D flawless gems stemming from a single diamond.

In October 201, we acquired a rare 550 carat rough diamond originating from the Letseng mine in Lesotho. The rarity of diamonds is such that the chance of discovering a stone of this magnitude, even with today's technology, is extremely small. As the finite supply found in diamond mines is dwindling down worldwide, the probability of finding such treasures is diminishing even more.

We could not resist the opportunity presented to us, baring in mind the experience we have on stones coming the same mine.
See here for past examples; Lesotho Promise,Light of Letseng or Letseng Legacy.

Months of study and consideration were needed to come up with options of recovery and we needed a lot of reflection to choose the decision we believed would yield something greater than the sum of its parts, a unique item, something never seen before in the diamond world.

Studying the stone consists of making "windows' in the stone to allow precision scanners to measure and locate the impurities within the structure of the stone and thus facilitate the positioning of the various shapes as to allow maximum yield.
One of the options showed a combination of pear shapes with various other cuts so came about the idea to look for identical pairs of pear shapes withing the stone while keeping the major stone.

Our various teams met regularly to talk about he evolution of the process and six painstaking months were necessary to finally come up with the final product.