The Delaire Sunrise

The Delaire Sunrise, 118.08 carats, the largest square emerald cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond in the world.

Discovered at an alluvial mine in South Africa, the 221.81 carat rough diamond displayed magnificent beauty even in its natural form.

When Laurence Graff saw the stone he was astounded; he had never seen a rough diamond of such size, colour and quality to take this form—a perfect octahedral.

Although it would increase the risk and difficulty of the task ahead he could see that the destiny of the diamond had already been clearly defined by nature.

The rough was to be transformed into a square emerald cut diamond, an immensely challenging task that he trusted to his master cutter Nino Bianco.

Months were spent analysing the stone before cutting even began in an effort to preserve the carat weight and reveal the best colour possible. Almost one year later, the diamond was ready with marvellous results: a size and colour that professionals did not think possible.

Gazing into the depths of the diamond and its magical golden hue, Laurence Graff was reminded of the breathtaking sunrises over the mountains in South Africa.

He knew immediately that he would name the diamond after the Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch, in celebration of his love for Africa and the beauty of this magnificent stone.