Before Agro, Inc. embarked on our agritourism project, farm stay holidays in the Liberian countryside had been under marketed. Agritourism is a ground breaking initiative giving city dwellers a rural experience where rural tourism is linked to agrarian activities.

Our agritourism farms offer tours that allow visitors a general education on the workings of a farm and the opportunity to observe the sowing, harvesting, and processing of locally grown foods such as corn, oranges, coconuts, sugar cane, mangoes, and pineapples. There are freshwater ponds stocked with tilapia and catfish, as well as a piggery, a hatchery, and areas set aside for cattle and sheep. Best of all, we provide an overnight stay opportunity where visiors can wake up to a breakfast prepared fresh from the farm's own eggs and its organge grove, or dine on fish, chiken, beef, pork, or lamb that they have selected from our farm stocks.

Our pilot site, T. K. Morgan Organic Farm, covers 1,300 pristine acres in Gbalenyan, Bong County. Located just off the Kakata-Gbanga highway, the retreat, when complete, will boast cottages for overnight stays, picnic areas both on the hilltop and by the river?s edge, and eco-routes, including mountain bike trails and horse trails, offering ample prospects to explore nature. Among organized activities, visitors will have the opportunity to choose from among learning farming skills, picking organic flowers, fruits and vegetables, touring the honey bee production facility, or catching fish off one of several piers.

Agro, Inc. is especially proud of the social impact of our ecotourism project. The launch of the pilot farm has created employment for the local populace. The operation now employs 65 full-time employees and another 180 casual laborers are hired on an as-needed basis. It has reduced poverty to lower levels in the area and our aquaculture fishing activity will produce another protein meal on the tables of the local community. To cater to the visitors from the city, women from the area are starting small-scale businesses including selling souvenir items and perishables.