Post-Harvest & Marketing

Agro, Inc. provides the essential link between farmers and consumers. In almost every growing region in Liberia and trading centers in bordering regions of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and C�te d'Ivoire, there is an Agro buying office or an Agro buying agent. Not only does this allow us to buy volumes at competitive prices, but also our presence at the grassroots level gives Agro access to critical farm gate information to support marketing and trading decisions.

Agro's activities in the post harvest sector are focused on ensuring enhanced value of food and agricultural products through the application of cost-efficient and environmentally-sound post-harvest techniques, particularly those which contribute to reducing losses and to increasing the efficiency of the post-production system. Activities within our post harvest system include grading, handling, storage, primary processing, packaging, and marketing.

Market development is critical if Liberian farmers are to more fully participate in global trade. To support this, we have developed a network of up-country procurement units and warehouses. Our trained and experienced field managers, with well-institutionalized field operating systems, enable us have an accurate stock and quality assessment process and practice effective risk management. Being present at the farm gate allows us enjoy better delivery and fulfillment capability of agricultural products to customers in volatile commodity markets.

Our customers expect a reliable supply and efficient service. We achieve this by getting to know our business partners and determining their specific needs. We are dedicated to building unique and long term relationships with customers that reflect their individual requirements. We provide them with customized solutions, including special grades and quality, traceability, vendor-managed inventory solutions, organically certified supplies or fair trade produce certified supplies, market intelligence and tailor-made risk management solutions.