Datas Transmission Services

TDM Circuit


It is the permanent physical connection and transparent between two different points of a network, supported by TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) technology. The transport velocity occur in real time, without delay, whatever, network traffic, and the guarantee the contracted band is total, which is 100% allocated to the client.


IP Circuit 

It is a transparent connection between different points of network, specific for Data Service, supported by TCP/IP technology. So, it allows interconnect close or distant points with high security.

Point by Point Circuit  (SCPC)

It is the circuit that provides physical satellite connection between two determined fixed points, and a permanent interconnection between the points. The transport velocity occurs in real  time and the guarantee of the contracted band is total, which is 100% allocated to the client.


It is a service that allows interconnecting two offices or company branch. This service provides a circuit between two points, with quality of service and  bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 155Mbps on the infrastructures of-MPLS. In order to  have Access to MPLS-Line, the client need to be connected on the last mile of  the closest points of IP-MPLS network from MSTelcom, until its offices or  branch offices.

MPLS Connect

This  service provides a leased line between two points of telecommunication  operators or ISP, with quality of service and bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps  over an IP-MPLS infrastructure. The Access to this service is only possible  with connection on the last miles constructed from the nearest points o IP-MPLS  network, of MSTelcom, until the points of operators or ISP.



This  service interconnects several offices or company branch offices in Angola and  the World.
This service provides virtual network privacy which  Interconnect fully all points that intend to cover, with quality of service and  bandwidth from 2 Mbps over an infrastructure of IP – MPLS. In order to have  access to MPLS VPN, the  client must be connected by the last mile access point constructed from the  closest points of IP-MPLS MSTelcom  network, until its offices or branch.


MPLS VPN Carrier

This service is utilized for integrating several  points of operator or ISP in Angola  and the World. This service supplies a virtual privacy network which  interconnects all points that intend to cover, with Quality of Service and Bandwidth from 2 Mbps on the infrastructure  of IP – MPLS.


To  have Access of MPLS VPN Carrier the client need to be connected on the last  mile constructed from the closest points of IP-MPLS/NGN network of MSTelcom  until the points of presence of the operator.


Dedicated Internet VSAT

Internet  access product via satellite system, dedicated regime for companies with a  Great need of internet connectivity with high capacity

VSAT Shared Internet 

Internet  Access product in Bandwidth via satellite system in shared regime, with speed until  1 Mbps in  KU Band, based on the o TDMA standard (Multiple Access by Time Division), Utilized also for voice.


Internet ADSL.

Internet  Access Product in Bandwidth on the shared regime, available via cable network,  up to 512Kbps of speed, specially  conceived to supply and sort out the Access to internet and landline telephony in  the residential compound, currently available only in Soyo ( Zaire Province).

Internet MPLS (i-link)

This is a dedicated internet access product,  available for companies with needs of carrying out internet connectivity with  high capacity from 2 Mbps to 155 Mbps, on the IP-MPLS infrastructure.


To  have access of I-LINK, the client needs to be connected on the last mile build  from the nearest point of MSTelcom NGN, until its offices.

Internet MPLS (i-band)

This  is an Internet access product in dedicated regime, for operators or re-sellers  of network traffic on the datas that intend to acquire broadband internet from 2 Mbps to 155 Mbps on the IP-MPLS infrastructure. This  service is available on the last mile constructed from the nearest point of  MSTelcom NGN, to the Operator presence point.


Hosting (Co-location (in Box and  Paviment)
These services are  considered as continuity services, or extension of clients services on the  services Provider, in case, the hiring of physical space (in racks and/or on-floor) on  provider Datacenters to accommodate servers and equipments of client property in the availability regime 24x7x365, with infrastructure  requirement, such as: structured network  system – LAN; air conditioner ;electricity stabilized; redundant; anti-Fire  System and physical security of the installed equipments).



Co-location (in High/  Tower)
These services are considered as continuity services or  extension of client on the service provider, so in this case, the hiring of  physical space (in antennas or towers).



MPLS Colocation
This is the servers  accommodation services or other equipments with quality and security  of a Datacenter in order to allocated its  equipments with quality that its deserve   and in order to be easily connected to the  NGN, on the IP-MPLS infrastructure of  MSTelcom. 

This product is guided to  companies that  are  or intend to install , in Angola, or on the  other hand  are looking for a right  place to install its Datacenter, in order to  acquire a connectivity and quality of service MPLS.

MPLS Colocation Carrier

This product is orientate  Operators or resellers of network traffic on  the datas that are or intend to be installed in Angola  and on the other hand are looking for an  immediate place to be installed  its Datacenter with connectivity  and quality of service MPLS.