Landline Services

Telephonic Line

This service allow our subscribers to make local, national and international phone call, on the mobile and landline networks (national or international), on the other hand we also offer supplementary facility. This product consist of differents packages of 1,2,4,8,16 to 32 lines. One line package is only available in the residential compound, where is installed the UA5000 central. The means of transmission in order to have access to this product is through cables.

Trunking Telephone  Lines (Digital Acess PRI)

It is a landline telephonic  service for companies, which allow the subscribers to make local, national and  international phone calls throughtrunkings (access TDM using   protocol PRI  of 30   channel for blocks of 2 Mbps),   where it is offered a Plan of set of numbers from 10,20,50 and 1000  numbers. The means of transmission in order to have access to this product is  through Microwaves or Fibre Optics.

VoIP Telephone Line

Telephony Services via internet allows subscribers to make national and international phone calls through IAD-SIP. This Service allows connections from 1 to 32 telephone lines.

Trunking telephone Lines (Acess IP-SIP)

This Service allows the subscribers, to  make local, national and international phone calls to mobile or landline network (national or international), from a client switchboard and telephone  connection to MSTelcom network by using protocol SIP-IP. Typically,  allows 60 simultaneous voice phone calls with 2Mbps broad band by using the codec G729


It is a voice and Video Service, using IP acess. This  service allows making phone calls with voice and images via computer or other  devices with features for voice and video (protocol H.264).


It is a service provided  by a multimedia software, which work  associated with technology Voip/ IP Telephone, offering to the customer the  ability to make calls directly from the computer. 

The  soft phone turns the computer into a multimedia phone, with a capacity of voice  and image. Therefore, it is possible to make  phone calls to a conventional phone through internet and this service is charged by a small tax and a connection “PC-PC” for free charge,  which is the most popular type of VoIP phone call currently.

Public Phone Box

Public Telephony Service provides telecommunications to public in  general with national coverage, allows making local, national, and  international phone calls to mobile and landline networks.

PrePaid card “FalaSó”

Allows the users of prepaid card to have Access to PTS – Public  Telephony Service from MSTelcom, through Public phone booths and Kiosks,  installed in the Public areas.