Business Advice

In running your business, knowing where to turn to when it comes to financial decisions is half the battle won. Trusting the financial advice you get is the other. Your business depends on it – and so does your inextricably linked personal wealth.

Sanlam can help you to assess your financial fitness, tax situation and legal standing, and suggest the best course of action towards a smooth-running, optimised business.

Legal Services

Being a specialised field, law is best left to the professionals. Sanlam will put you in touch with experts for help and advice on legal issues concerning:

  • Contracts
  • Debt collection
  • Patent law
  • Labour law
  • Defects protection

Financial Management

By focusing on three key areas of your business or practice, our associate can assist you in managing the cash flow in your business more effectively:

  • Interpretation of financial statements
  • Revision of internal control systems
  • Preparation of monthly cash-flow budgets

You will also receive monthly personal feedback regarding the progress made against the cash-flow budgets agreed upon.

Tax solutions

We can assist with the following tax consulting services:

  • Tax registration
  • Application for extension
  • Provisional tax IRP6 return
  • Individual IT12's
  • Company/Close Corporation IT14
  • Tax structuring, directive, clearance certificate
  • Letter of good standing
  • IRP30
  • Objection to assessment

Business Consultation

Are you aware of the most common reasons for business failure?

Are you utilising all the support programmes that are available for enterprise development?

Our business associate offers you on an assignment basis access to selected individuals who are:

  • Successful in their businesses and careers
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in business
  • Committed to assist and to contribute
  • Prepared to counsel and to guide
  • Aware of the reasons why businesses fail
  • Knowledgeable about the incentives and support programmes available to enterprises
  • Subscribers to a code of ethics

Their skills mix across various business sectors comprises:

  • Accounting, cash-flow projections, financial planning and budgets, financial viability, company law and tax
  • Marketing, advertising, sales planning and merchandising
  • Human resource management, labour law and payroll
  • Importing/exporting
  • Business plans
  • Project management
  • Black Economic Empowerment facilitation

This facility enables you to take control of your enterprise and fast-track its performance and growth.