Institutional Investment management

Our products and services are delivered excellently and guaranteed to provide you with utmost security on your investment, high returns, liquidity, and flexibility.
However, because we recognize that all our customers are unique with different requirements and expectations, we tailor our products and services to suit your peculiar needs.


Our Clients include:


 Non-Bank Financial Institutions
- Insurance Companies
- Pensions & Trustees
- Microfinance Banks
- Securities Trading Firms
 Corporate Entities
- Corporates 
- Law Firms 
- Real Estate Firms
- Other Professional Firms
 Hospitality & Services
- Telecoms
- Health 
- Travels & Tours
- Hotels
- Restaurants
 Religious Organisations
- Churches 
- Mosques
- Religious societies and organisations
 Trading & Manufacturing
- Trading concerns
- Manufacturing concerns
- Education
- Clubs/Societies
- Public Sector