Online Banking

Trust Bank has over the years introduced unique and highly targeted products and services to cater for the varied needs of our customers. These one such product is the Trust Bank’s Online banking service introduced in 2005.

Since then our customers had shown a great deal of appreciation of the service in terms of its wide ranging appeal. We at Trust Bank have always been proud of our commitment to continuously improve all the products we offer. This is the reason why we periodically upgraded our products by adapting them to the changing environment.

We are particularly delighted to have introduced in 2011 an updated and more user friendly version of the Trust Bank Online Banking which gives you unfettered access anytime anywhere in the world. 
With the Online banking you can benefit from the following facilities:
  • It can provide up to date account balances and indicate all account activities.
  • Transfer funds within your accounts i.e. if you have more than one account.
  • Transfer funds from your TBL account to another TBL account holder.
  • Print your account statement on a PDF format.
  • It can provide the option to stop cheque.
  • You can apply for fixed deposit online.
  • You can request for credit top up with any GSM operator.
  • For the cooperate account holders, you can upload salary and authorize the bank to pay your staff.