Kenya Safari Planning

Booking a Kenya Safari
Kenya is the country where Safari, meaning “to journey” in Swahili, began. This is the country immortalized by Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt and visitors have been arriving for safari ever since.
Kenya is a diverse country, but has long been known as the land of “big game” – big cats and big mammals roam free in their natural surroundings. This land of discovery – with game viewing, bird watching, mountain climbing, hot-air ballooning, fresh water and deep sea fishing are the adventures awaiting you...
    from the open plains of the Masai Mara
    the diverse landscapes around the Great Rift Valley
    the mountain ranges at Aberdares and Mt. Kenya
    the lake regions of Nakuru, Naivasha, Baringo, Bogoria and Victoria
    the arid regions in the Northern Territories, and
    the beaches at Mombasa and coastal islands

The colorful Masai tribes are found mainly west and south of Nairobi, the Samburu are in the North… and the Kikuyu in the highlands north of Nairobi.
Kenya was commanded by the Portuguese from 1498, the Omani then followed in the 1600s. The British ruled here from the late 1800s, and finally in 1963, Kenya gained its independence.