When people travel to a foreign country – especially one that is particularly remote or at risk of crime, illness or conflict – their employers, sponsors, schools, family and friends like to know they have easy access to the best advice and care.

That is why our corporate, individual and event membership packages support travellers from before they leave until they come home. We help them prepare for travel, keep track of their movements while away, warn them of emerging risks and provide professional medical and security expertise. Before going, travellers can consult – on the web or via our app – our country guides contain detailed health and safety tips, maps and cultural information. This can also be received directly via email as a pre-trip advisory.

While away, our Tracking Service identifies and locates travellers who are at particular risk following any significant incidents or threats and push out alerts to these travellers so they are kept up-to date. We also inform the travellers’ organisation by email of any emerging medical or security risks that might affect their people.

Most important of all, we provide travellers with 24/7 access to world-class medical and security services via our global network of Assistance Centres and networks on the ground. One call puts them in touch with doctors, nurses, logistics coordinators and security teams.