Non-Fuel Business

We are developing Non-Fuel business primarily by leasing out our premises

Non-Fuel Business Development is a key focus of the KenolKobil Group strategic business growth as an alternative revenue stream to the fuel related business segments. Non-Fuel Business broadly understood concerns the marketing and sale of  Products and Services that are not fuel based but are supplementary to our core business of marketing fuels through our facilities including Service Stations


We are developing the Non-Fuel business segment primarily by leasing out our premises to companies that offer services such as fast food outlets like Innscor, supermarkets, banks, tyre resellers, and pharmacies.  The Non-Fuel business facilities at our Service Stations across the Group are therefore run by contracted service providers.


As a key business strategy, the Company is rationalizing its assets including re-building some of the strategic facilities to provide expanded room for Non -Fuel businesses. This is an ongoing exercise and so far, some of our Service Stations including Kobil Valley Arcade, Kobil Embakasi and Kenol Buruburu in Kenya as well as Kobil Remera in Kigali, Rwanda have been reconstructed to include Non-Fuel business premises.


Non Fuel Business Development is an important business segment that the Company is keen on developing and is encouraging leading  brands and service providers to partner with our subsidiaries for these business opportunities.


Our ultimate objective in the development of Non-Fuel Business is to have Service Stations across the Group where our customers can comfortably get their entire range of supplies without having to move elsewhere.