Q. What is africalink?
A. africalink is a web platform where organisations with interests in Africa net.work with each other, and offer their products and services to all users. It also links Africans in the diaspora, and organisations from other places with the continent. Organisations are central to africalink, they are able to engage other organisations or individual users.

Q. What do you mean by “organisation”?
A. On africalink.net the word is used to cover all private and public institutions of all types and sizes. These include government agencies, associations, not-for-profit charities, and for-profit businesses, as long as they are officially registered or otherwise legally recognised in their countries.

Q. What if I do not own or work for an organisation?
A. Like in the real world individual users may contact any organisation, or buy their products and services. Individual users may also apply for jobs advertised by organisations, register for an event, or post to the forum, however for individuals to offer their own products or services they must be incorporated in their country and register their organisation.

Q. How do I register as a user?
A. From the home page click the signup button and complete the form. From a mobile or tablet, you will first select the menu link next to the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen to reveal the signup button.

Q. How do I register an organisation?
A. You first need to register yourself as a user before you can register an organisation. After you are registered, you will find the link to register your organisations.

Q. What can organisations do?
A. africalink is built for organisations so there is a lot organisations can do. Organisation may write about themselves and promote what they do, list their products and services and offer them for sale in their choice of currency, so users can buy from them right here. Promote your concerts, conferences, sports and other events, and sell your tickets. Post invitations for tenders and bids, press releases, advertise job vacancies, connect with buyers, suppliers and regulators, and lots more.

Q. What are Plans?
A. Plans determine how much your organisation can do, so it is important to select the right plan to suit the needs or your organisation. You will be required to choose a plan before you can register any organisation.

Q. What if I have more than one organisation?
A. Each organisation must have its own unique plan, plans cannot be shared or transferred.

Q. Can an organisation change its plan?
A. Yes, organisations can change their plan at any time.