Cevital is the largest private conglomerate in Algeria, with interests in the agri-food sector, retail, industry and services, created by Issad Rebrab. The company's headquarters are in Béjaïa. Cevital is a founding member of the Desertect project. The company's earnings in 2009 were U$S 3589 millions.

Cevital Group is a family group built on a history, a career and values that made its success and reputation. Created with private capitals, it is the first Algerian private company to have invested in various activity sectors.

Cevital Group has crossed a lot of historical steps to obtain its current size and reputation by continuing to work in creating employment and wealth.

An oil refinery (sunflower and soybean) 670 000 tons/year
A margarine factory 180 000 tons/year
A sugar refinery 2 000 000 tons/year
A unit of liquid sugar 210,000 tons (dry matter equivalent)/year
A unit of mineral water packaging: Lalla Khedidja   3,000,000 bottles/day
A unit of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks: Tchina 600,000 bottles/hour.
A tomato and fruit jam cannery 80 tons/day
Port Silos 182,000 tons


Other Details

Type of Organisation / Business:
Public Company
Founded By:
Issad Rebrab

Office Location