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Sasini is one of Kenya's major tea and coffee producers, and is one of the country's "Big 6" tea producers. The company's headquarters are located in Nairobi and the company's stock is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Sasini is a member of the Sameer Group of Companies, which is also located in Kenya.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with but one step. Sasini’s incredible history is peppered with adventure, innovation and resourcefulness. From a single farm coffee operation to a multiproduct, multilocational leading public agribusiness, the history of Sasini has tremendous parallels with the History of Kenya, Sasini’s motherland.

Our history began in 1952, in what was then known as the Kenya Colony, eleven years prior to Kenya’s independence from British colonial rule in 1963. At the time, Sasini was originally incorporated as Doondu Estates Ltd, with one coffee farm in the beautiful Central highlands of Kenya in what is known as Kiambu District.

Realizing that growth was the only option, the young coffee growing Company went on to acquire three more coffee farms in the same vicinity of Kiambu District in 1959. Growth demanded changes in the Companies financial sourcing options and in response to this demand, the Company converted from a private company to a public company in 1960. This was a great turning point in its adventure of growth and diversification as Sasini is indisputably one of the oldest firms in Kenya to be listed on the stock market.

In the true spirit of an adventurous pioneer, Sasini realised that Agricultural risks are best managed through product diversification. It was in this spirit that Sasini entered the Tea sub-sector by acquiring a significant stake in its first Tea operation known as Kipkebe Ltd in the great Rift Valley region of Kenya in 1964. Sasini subsequently raised its stake to 100% in Kipkebe Limited in 1965. Expansion continued with the acquisition of additional coffee interests through purchase of significant majority shareholding in Mweiga Estates Ltd, a Coffee farming operation that had large coffee farms in the highland coffee zones of the Mount Kenya Region in Kenya’s Central Highlands. For many years, Sasini operated its Business as Sasini Tea and Coffee Limited with emphasis on its two main flagship products: Tea and Coffee.

This however changed in 2007, when Sasini realised that it was in Agribusiness and had diversified its operations to include dairy, horticulture and forestry. In recognitions of its diversified operations, it changed its registered name to Sasini Ltd in 2007. Since 2007, Sasini Ltd has continued on its diversification drive through its new ventures in retailing of branded tea and coffee products, coffee mill operations, lifestyle coffee lounges under the brand name “Savanna” and its export trade operations based in Mombasa.

These latest developments have been in line with Sasini’s latest five year strategic plan for the years 2007 to 2012 and they were underwritten through the issuance of a five year corporate bond in 2007. Today Sasini is an integrated agri business that is well on its way to becoming an African pacesetter in the growing, processing and marketing of quality agri based products to the world.

The emphasis on production diversification has metarmophosised to an emphasis on operational efficiency, innovation and marketing to the world.

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