First International Bank (SL) Limited is a leading Bank in Sierra Leone with seventeen (17) branches nationwide. The Bank serves individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate customers. FiBank has a robust position in the Sierra Leone Banking sector.

The bank's operations are structured on three distinct business platforms: Retail and Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking and Corporate Banking. This structure, operating in tandem with the bank's control system and support services, ensure excellent customer service, effective relationship management, as well as new business and product development, specifically tailored to suite target markets.

Special products

The bank responds adequately to the needs of its teeming customers and the market by designing special products and services, specifically tailored to meet those needs. Some of the unique products of the bank include:

 -FiBank Special Savings Account

 -FiBank Pikin Savings

 -FiBank Osusu Plan

 -FiBank Premium Account

 -FiBank Fulfillment Account

 -FiBank Fastlink

 -FiBank Salary Loan Scheme

 -FiBank Asset Acquisition Loan (Scheme)

 -FiBank Target Savings Scheme

Other Details

Type of Organisation / Business:
Private Limited Company
Founded By:
Key People:
Dr Hasiatu G. Jalloh - Managing Director/CEO
Mr. Raymond Uche - Executive Director

Office Location