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Endiama E.P. (Empresa Nacional de Diamantes E.P.) is the national diamond company of Angola and it is the exclusive concessionary of mining rights in the domain of diamonds. Angola's state-run diamond company Endiama produced 8.55 million carats of diamonds in 2010. Antonio Carlos Sumbula is the president of the corporation. The company is based at the Edificio Endiama in Luanda.

Endiama's primary property is Catoca, which is a joint venture between Endiama (32.8%), Russia based ALROSA (32.8%), China based LLI (18%), and Brazil based Odebrecht (16.4%). Catoca is the seventh largest diamond mine in the world, and is estimated to produce over 7 million carats of diamonds in 2014 worth just under $1 billion.

ENDIAMA E.P. is the National Prospecting, Mining, Trading and Polishing Company. Established on January 15th 1981, has exclusivity rights for the diamond business in the country.

The Company proceeded Diamang, a joint-venture company, founded in 1917 and operating until 1986, during the Portuguese colonial period in Angola.

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Type of Organisation / Business:
Public Company
Key People:
Carlos Sumbula Arnaldo de Sousa Calado - President/Chairman
Luís Quitamba - Director of Geology
Paulo N’Vika y Management - Director of Equit
Osvaldo Van-Dúnem - Director of Legal Matters and HR
Fernando Augusto Sebastião - Director of Administration and Finance
Other info:
Products - Diamonds

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