The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is a multi-sector regulator established by an Act of the National Assembly of The Gambia. Under The Gambia Public Utilities Authority Act of 2001 (The PURA Act), which came into force at the latter part of 2003, the National Assembly (Parliament) set up PURA as a multi-sector regulator. Under the PURA Act, PURA is mandated to regulate the following sectors: ICT, ENERGY, MEDIA, PUBLIC AFFAIRS, LICENSING and other public utilities as subsequently prescribed by Government. The day to day management of the institution is carried out by the Director General with a core team of experts and technical staffs in five Departments. The Legal Unit reports directly to the Director General.

                                 DIRECTOR GENERAL

Responsible for the day-to-day management of PURA with the objective of improving the efficiency with which public utility services are provided and increasing the percentage of Gambia residents having access to our regulated services. He advises the Board on the appropriate framework for regulation of public utilities in the country in accordance with relevant.

                             1- Consumer Affairs Directorate

Handles consumer complaints of utility services and reviews these with the relevant service providers. It monitors the level of consumer satisfaction with services provided by utilities and PURA itself. It evaluates the performance of the utilities against the respective quality of service standards and assists the management in publishing information relating to PURA’s functions and activities.

                            2-Economics & Finance Directorate

Advises the Board (through the Director General) on rates and tariffs; performs economic and financial analyses; conducts research and develops special studies and forecasts. It monitors investment programs as well as oversees and manages the budget and funds of the institution as well as drawing of the monthly management accounts and giving the necessary financial advice. The Directorate is also responsible for issuing invoices for regulatory fees and follow-up on payments.

                            3- Public & International Affairs Unit

Responsible for External Communications, public and corporate affairs; and liaises with International Partners through collaborations with other directorates and units. It conducts public forums like radio programs. Also advises the Management of the public perception of PURA’s performance, and, where appropriate, suggests actions to improve PURA’s image.           

                            4- Administration and Human Resource Directorate

Oversees personnel functions of the PURA; coordinates administrative activities, including procurement, staff welfare and motivation. It also handles the staff health insurance and social security schemes.

                            5- Technical Regulation Directorate

Advises the Board (through the Director General) on issues relevant to regulation of the telecommunications, electricity and water sectors. It also monitors compliance with regulations and service quality.

                            5-Legal, Licensing and Enforcement Unit

Advises the Board (through the Director General) and management on all legal matters affecting the Authority. Draft all legal instruments such as licenses, contracts and regulations of the Authority.

PURA opens its office from Monday to Friday: 8:00-16:00Hrs (Phone until 17:30hrs).





Other Details

Type of Organisation / Business:
Government Institution
Founded By:
STATE OF THE GAMBIA on 1 January 2001
Key People:
Mr. Ebriam Cham - Director General
Mr. Paul S. Mendy - Director of Finance and Administration

Office Location