Star Africa offers ECOSORB sorbent booms with skirts.  These combine the protection given by a conventional containment boom with the performance of a sorbent boom. 

They absorb oil and not water. Their low weight and unique design make quick deployment possible. 250 meters can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The booms can be linked up to any length, using the quick connectors made of carbine hooks and Velcro. The excellent absorption capacity and ease of handing make the booms an effective and economic tool for the control and recovery of small and medium size oil spills in protected waters. 

The booms are manufactured from polypropylene fabric and net, and are available in hydrophobic cotton fiber or melt-blown polypropylene sorbent fibers. The booms are supplied in a robust big-bag, making storage, transport and handling easy.

  • 25m x 20cm x 1
  • Oleophilic - Strong affinity for oils rather than water 
  • Hydrophobic - Tending to repel and not absorb water 
  • Reusable 


Star Africa offers the Airflex Boom, which is a rapid response, air-inflated boom for inshore, and offshore use it is available in polyurethane and heavy duty neoprene fabrics.  Aqua-Guard’s Airflex emergency response pressure-inflatable oil booms are available in inshore and offshore models.  Inflatable booms offer the advantage of a high buoyancy to weight ratio, excellent durability and stability along with minimum storage volumes.  

Airflex booms are available in various materials such as heavy duty neoprene or polyurethane fabrics.
 Airflex booms are available in various sizes from 65 cm (24 inch) inshore to 220 cm (86 inch) offshore booms.


Star Africa offers Auto Tanks, which are self-erecting foldable tanks used for the storage of oil, drinking water and other liquids.  They are ideal for use under a leakage, as a decontamination pool, as a temporary storage tank for liquids, etc. Auto Tanks are ready to be deployed at any time, as they hold themselves up without a frame due to the floating collar that rises as the tank is filled. They include handles at the bottom, allowing the base of the tank to be positioned as required.


Star Africa offers booms that are equipped with cylindrical floats that are flexible giving the boom excellent wave following characteristics and exceptional protection in adverse conditions.  The materials used, top quality, high-frequency-welded oil-resistant PVC or PU coated fabrics, make this boom robust and highly resistant to hydrocarbons, chemical agents and weather conditions. 

The boom is composed of 2-metre long independent cylindrical floats that guarantee floatation in case of damage.  Each section is fitted with standard Norwegian type end connectors.  

Deployment and recovery 
The cylindrical floats, which are filled with closed cell foam, make quick deployment possible (typically 3 people and a light craft are needed). Moreover, the boom has fold-points every two meters, and stows away easily in a standard container.
Key Features: 
  • Lightweight and easy to handle 
  • Immediate 
  • High buoyancy to weight 
  •  Easy to 
  • Easy to 
  • Excellent wave following characteristics


Star Africa offers fence booms.  This flat foam floatation boom is designed for use in harbors or calm waters and is robust, lightweight and compact. 

The materials used, top quality, high-frequency-welded oil-resistant PVC or PU coated fabrics, make this boom robust and highly resistant to oil, chemicals, all weather conditions and UV light. 


Deployment and recovery
The floats, which are filled with closed cell foam, make quick deployment possible (typically 2 people and a light craft are needed). 250 meters of boom can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The boom's flat design means it can be stored on a manual or hydraulically driven winch and is easy to clean. 

The boom is composed of 1-metre long independent flat floats that guarantee floatation in case of damage. 
Connection between booms
Each section is fitted with standard quick connectors, which may be ASTM, UNICON or Norwegian type as required.

·         Easy and compact storage 

·         Made of durable oil-resistant material 

·         Quick and easy to deploy and recover 

·         Easy to clean


Star Africa offers the HarbourFlex boom, which used in the ports.  For the HarbourFlex, we are pretty flexible when it comes to the mounting hardware. We have some standard options, but a lot of individual site locations require custom solutions.  Custom mounts are not an issue and usually worth the efforts of custom design due to the long life of the boom.


The boom itself is pretty standard ranging from 18” to 36” (45-90cm) Overall Heights. Our 2 main fabric options are 150 or 350.  All fasteners are offered in SS304 as standard supply with SS306 as an option. The floats remain the same for any size fabric.  For installations with a mid to strong current in salt water, we recommend our HarbourFlex 36/350 permanent boom with a tensile strength of 57,272kg. The lighter weight HarbourFlex 36/150 has a tensile strength of 24,494kg. All fasteners are Stainless Steel 304 with SS 316 available as an option. This boom typically has two tidal compensation options available; a Secured vinyl coated galvanized steel cable is offered as our standard equipment. Or a stainless steel slide pipe is offered for stronger current applications. 

For anchoring, standard installation consist of anchoring the boom to a submerged concrete block and buoy (supplied by end user) via the Anchoring Clamp Set with Bridal. For strong current applications, we recommend securing the boom to piles driven into the seabed.

We also offer boat gate systems where a vessel may pass through the boom by disconnecting the boat gate.  Available with floats colored  Black , Yellow, or any combination of the two colors. The yellow ones are more visible but do not last as long as the black ones when they are exposed to UV rays.  Typical installation life is 5-8 years before spares are required.


Star Africa offers the HarbourFlex Containment Boom, which is designed to be left in the water constantly for years.  Typical installations include petrochemical shipping terminals, protection for power plant water intakes, and debris barriers for desalination plants, marinas and separation ponds. 

  • HarbourFlex “L” is constructed of very durable high tensile material. The HarbourFlex floats are roto-moulded and foam filled. They are longer and wider than competitor products. The larger float size provides superior buoyancy and higher stability in rough water. They also eliminate the need for bottom ballast to keep the boom upright.  This boom needs very low maintenance and can be left in the water for years with minimum maintenance.
  • To Connect or disconnect, simply unbolt the top fastener and raise the handle up approximately 2" (50mm). This gate is designed so large waves or tidal change will not affect its performance. Upon re-attachment, simply raise the handle again, guide the boom into the slots, drop the handle and re-bolt the top fastener.. 
  • The Harbourflex Gate System also facilitates a quick, easy connection to an emergency response boom. In that case, the Gate would be installed on the Harbourflex Boom permanently and the emergency response boom would connect to it during the deployment.


Star Africa offers the P Series booms, which are heavy‐duty booms with high‐density polyethylene floats. The boom is particularly robust and is made to give a particularly long service life in installations where booms are used frequently or permanently. 



Boom with a heavy PU or PVC vertical barrier fabric and symmetrically placed high‐density polyethylene floats, filled with ecological foam. The two halves of the floats are bolted together trapping the barrier fabric in between. This gives rise to a particularly heavy‐duty construction that is easy to maintain and repair on site.  Most of the forces on the boom are absorbed by the ballast chain, which is shackled on to the lower part of the skirt. The ballast chain is connected between sections with “split‐links” made from hot‐dip-galvanized steel. Each section is fitted with marine grade aluminum ASTM connectors. Tools are not required to connect the sections together. Alternatively, Unicon or Norwegian type connectors may be delivered.


·         Very flexible, giving excellent wave following characteristics 

·         Good stability in strong winds, currents and chop

·         Particularly high tensile strength and abrasion resistance

·         May be wound on to a hydraulic boom reel

·         Will maintain full floatation even when damaged

·         Easily repairable (all components may be changed on site)