Medical Supply Services

With an unrivalled global reach, we can instigate the deployment of medical supplies , specialist medical care and equipment to meet the requirements of your preventive health programme or in support of a medical emergency.
We offer a comprehensive set of medical kits and modules developed by medical professionals with 30 years of experience in travel health, remote medical and security assistance. These specialised kits and modules are designed to meet a variety of needs from a travel health kit suitable for corporate travellers to a fully fitted clinic in remote locations.

Our Medical Supply Services teams are available to advise and help draw up a bespoke list of medical supplies designed to meet the requirements of any given project. Through our comprehensive network of approved medical suppliers we can then work to deliver equipment and pharmaceuticals to our clients wherever they are in the world, from offshore oil platforms to remote research stations. 

We will oversee the procurement of the supplies required and manage all orders from purchase through to delivery. All our suppliers are audited and continually vetted by us to ensure they maintain the highest standards possible.

Our Medical Supply Services teams can also assist with the rental services of key medical equipment, kits and/or modules to support rapid deployment initiatives as well as accommodating short term projects or sites.