Our clients often work in remote locations, far from the medical infrastructures necessary to support a successful business. We understand these difficulties, and can provide specific medical support and customised response plans via our global network of 4,800 medical professionals – including emergency trained doctors, general practitioners, Advanced Life Support (ALS) medics, multi competency-medics (with fire fighting capabilities), paramedics, and nurses. 

The level of medical cover we offer ranges from providing a single on-site medical professional, to a full medical team including specialised physicians, lab technicians, consultants and administrators. Significantly, our staff will also be able to consult with additional medical experts based in our global assistance centres 24 hours a day. 

In this way we can arrange second medical opinion, medical evacuations (if necessary) and provide wider expertise to deal effectively with all manner of emergencies. Wherever our medical experts are deployed, they can rely on the backing of our assistance centres, medical directors and quality assurance teams to help supervise and manage your medical and operational needs.